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Pubblicate le graduatorie del Bando More Overseas 2021/22

Gentili Studenti,

la presente per segnalare che al seguente link  http://www.unimore.it/bandi/StuLau-gradinternaz.html sono state pubblicate le graduatorie del Bando More Overseas 2021/22 a cura dell'Ufficio Relazioni Internazionali.

Gli assegnatari dovranno accettare la sede assegnata entro e non oltre lunedì 19 luglio 2021, compilando il modulo elettronico disponibile alla pagina: https://forms.gle/bbqipYrV6nudCDBg6 

Il modulo di accettazione deve essere compilato UTILIZZANDO L'ACCOUNT DI ATENEO (codicenumerico@studenti.unimore.it) .

In caso di mancata compilazione del modulo di accettazione entro i termini previsti, lo studente assegnatario sarà automaticamente ritenuto rinunciatario.

Gli studenti collocati in riserva verranno contattati in caso di rinuncia degli studenti assegnatari.  

Cordiali saluti



Registrazione della sessione di orientamento Erasmus Link

 Documento 1:  Proposta NOME COGNOME

Documento 2:   Impegno NOME COGNOME


DESU Department: teaching modalities since September 2020, at the light of Covid 19

We would like to inform you about the current situation in our Department of Education.

Our desire is to resume face-to-face classes starting from the Fall semester in 2020-2021 academic year.

However, the academic calendar and the method of teaching (face-to-face, online, blended) will be determined with respect to the course of the pandemic and the specific guidelines to be provided by our national authorities in the coming weeks. At the moment it seems we can ONLY offer ONLINE courses and activities.

Please advise your students, that as for now, we cannot offer face-to-face.

For each of our incoming students, we will ask to contact our department coordinator tiziana.altiero@unimore.it , to check with her if desired courses and activities will be online, blended or offered face-to-face. Following the completion of a commonly agreed learning agreement, signed by prof.Altiero, the student can apply to our student mobility office for the registration. There will also be a notice on the letter, which specifies that the acceptance status may change according to the future decisions by the related authorities.


Roberta Mineo PhD. Unimore.
responding from my cell: sorry for the typos